воскресенье, 17 февраля 2013 г.

Opera купила SkyFire

Собственно факт в том, что Opera купила SkyFire . Насколько я уловил примерно за 50 миллионов. + всякие бонусы, на случай, если что-то хорошее получится. Более всего меня удивила причина: Якобы SkyFire получает деньги от операторов за оптимизацию трафика для их браузера. Особенно для Видео:

Skyfire does much the same thing, but makes the network operators pay for the optimisation servers, which are integrated into their network infrastructure and thus able to optimise the delivery of video to suit the unique network conditions, reducing network loading while improving the user experience to the benefit of all.

The content-optimisation business is crowded these days, with Amazon's Silk handling it for the Kindle. Dolphin is also still knocking around, and UC Browser is celebrating 400 million downloads, so there's clearly need for some market differentiation.

Opera is hoping to provide that by taking advantage of Skyfire's position inside mobile networks to innovate billing models - providing free access to specific sites or time-limited bundles. We’ve already seen the first signs of that, for instance with tariffs offering access to Facebook outside the data cap, and we'll likely see a lot more of it in future. The idea of buying, say, a YouTube app bundled with unlimited viewing might seem an obvious innovation but mobile operators have been surprisingly conservative in exploring new billing models.

То, что опера активно пыталась и пытается монетизироваться через операторов, я знал. А вот SkyFire мне на этом фронте не попадался. Хотя может им просто не была интересна восточная европа?

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