воскресенье, 21 февраля 2016 г.

предсказание землетрясений по смартфонам

Идея предсказаывать и сообщать о землетрясениях использую акселерометр многих смартфонов выглядит конечно странно. Но в чем-то разумно. Осталось только законодательно заставить во все смартфоны такое приложение вставить, чтобы оно никогда не выключалось. :)
At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, held from February 22–25, German-based international operator Deutsche Telekom and the University of California, Berkeley, plan to present an early-warning earthquake protection system called MyShake. The jointly developed app leverages the built-in accelerometers in smartphones, taking advantage of their ability to sense motion. Data collected by many phones in a given area is aggregated and analyzed by cloud-based software, which determines, based on the GPS locations of the phones in question, whether enough seismic activity is taking place to indicate an earthquake. The partners claim that MyShake is sensitive enough to record earthquakes of at least magnitude 5—strong enough to do damage—within a radius of 10 kilometers. The MyShake app runs in the background on a smartphone, using very little power, so it can be monitoring earth movement day and night. The hope of DT and UC Berkeley is that eventually a worldwide network of smartphones running MyShake will be established.