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Drive safe

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Vodafone New Zealand has launched a free service, DriveSafe that will send an automated reply to any SMS received, letting the sender know that the recipient is driving and unable to respond.

Although illegal for more than two years, texting while driving is still a major issue, topping the New Zealand AA's list of top 10 driver distractions released last week. A recent University of Otago study found 54% of drivers on a restricted licence admitted to texting while driving occasionally or more often.

Vodafone's DriveSafe is activated by sending a text message to a central number. Anyone SMSing the driver during this time will receive the message "I'm driving right now. I'll read your TXT as soon as it is safe to do so. Vodafone DriveSafe."

Vodafone's Director of Sales Grant Hopkins says that all Vodafone sales staff who are regularly on the road are now using Vodafone DriveSafe.

Toll New Zealand's sales staff piloted Vodafone DriveSafe over the Christmas period, with positive results. Group IT Manager, Allister Lowe, says almost all the 40 triallists said the service removed the urge to respond to TXT messages immediately and found it especially useful for driving long distances.

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